Welcome to Freshlook Australia, seller of luxury colour contact lens (non prescription only).

We are based in Sydney, Australia but we ship worldwide. Why pay $150 for a pair of exclusive brand contact lens when our lens are just as good in colour and less than a quarter of the price. All our lenses are tested for quality, comfort and design. We are 50% cheaper than other sellers and our quality is as good as the top brands. We also sell 3D mink lash 100% genuine handmade lashes that are fluffy and beautiful (from the same wholesaler who does lilly lashes). Cruelty free and can be worn up to 20 times. If you would like to be featured on our Instagram page: freshlook_australia please tag us or send us a pic. If you need to contact us email:freshlookcolours@yahoo.com (we will reply within 24hrs). We post daily (except for weekends and public holidays), we’re very reliable and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Hope you like our products…

Note: Some lens look different due to the lighting (eg. if photo is taken with flash it will be brighter than a photo taken with natural lighting). All photos are of the actual lens.

Freshlook Australia